The Istanbul Center for Regulation aims at establishing itself as the region’s center in matters of regulation and regulatory policies pertaining both to the traditional and the new network industries, namely telecommunications, postal services, transport, energy, water and the newly emerging digital platforms.


Communications infrastructures in Turkey: have they been facing up to the challenges of the growing communications needs in times of COVID-19?

We are pleased to present to you the second issue of our newly established Network Industries Quarterly-Turkey. In it, we pursue the topic of how COVID-19 affects our essential infrastructures. After transport in the last issue, we are now looking at Turkey’s...

How resilient is the Turkish transportation system? Lessons learnt from COVID-19

Welcome to our first issue of Network Industries Quarterly Turkey, NIQ-TK in short! From now on, you will find a NIQ-TK every three months! NIQ-TK is an offspring of NIQ, the Network Industries Quarterly which has been published 4 times a year since 1998! If you have...