Competition and Regulation in Network Industries

Journal Description

The Journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that meets highest academic standards. Resolutely interdisciplinary in nature, CRNI favors articles that combine economic, legal, policy and engineering approaches. We are looking for articles that link theory with practical relevance: they should make contributions to theory and methodology development, yet always building on solid empirical research, both quantitative and qualitative. Articles that establish links between the evolving network industries and/or take into account the growing role of digitalization and innovation as well as the emergence of new network industries in the form of digital platforms are of particular interest. In addition to the industrialized North, CRNI particularly encourages articles that address competition and regulation issues in the network industries of emerging countries worldwide.

Latest Issues

Volume 21 Issue 1, March 2021

OPEX-risk as a source of CAPEX-bias in monopoly regulation

Public-private partnerships in Mexico: Challenges and opportunities at local level

Data-driven sector coupling in 5G-based smart networks

Volume 21 Issue 3, September 2020

Introduction: Regulation of airports

Studying the empirical implications of the liberalization of airport markets

Yardstick Regulation in a Competitive Context? The Case of the Italian Airports

Airport competition from airports’ perspective: Evidence from a survey of European airports

How do firm and market characteristics affect airports’ Beta risk?

Volume 21 Issue 2, June 2020

The “iPhone effect”: The impact of dual technological disruptions on electrification

Effectiveness of a strategic energy reserve during the energy transition: The case of Switzerland

New digital threats to media pluralism in the information age

Data as infrastructure? A study of data sharing legal regimes

Innovation in regulated electricity networks: Incentivising tasks with highly uncertain outcomes

Urban utilities and opportunities for the private sector in local energy services in Switzerland

Call for Papers

Special issue of CRNI on “City Logistics”

Special issue of CRNI on “City Logistics”

Cities are increasingly congested. This is as much due to passenger transport as it is to the transport of goods (logistics). In response, cities – often in the absence of any national-level regulation – are trying to regulate themselves, often by putting requirements...

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